It´s me

It´s me

Who I am

I am a developer for over 14 years and have worked with many different languages . I also studied various disciplines in the field of arts, technology, mathematics, mechanics and electronics.

Today I seek groups or places to apply everything I learned and create new things and maybe, who knows, something to make me rich, famous, maybe i don’t know… you Know… That.

What I like

I like to think and  new things, but mostly I love to learn. Every time that I can learn something new and put into practice, I’m having so much fun.

Thinking about new ideas is what keeps me going. I love developing, the act of building things and seeing it work is amazing, realy! One of my passions is shader programing, because it puts together math, programing, art, physics, fun, and, well, everything.

Music is another of my passions. I can play some instruments, yes, I can. I wouldn’t call myself a musician, I’m not really that good, but I can do some music, i think…

What i don’t like

“Not doing something” is the best description of what I dislike. I need to keep things going on, if I stop I die. Besides that, I can probably say I don’t like dirt on my pants, very hot pepper, annoying people and to be stuck in traffic.

It´s me

Do I have skills? (of course I have)

During all my work and study time I developed some skills, so I’d say I have some expertise. We’ll, maybe not, you can judge for yourself:


  • — Development management/Lead development
  • — Web/App/Game development
  • — Technical art
  • — Shader programing
  • — Illustration/Graphic Design
  • — Photography
  • — Interactive installations
  • — Sound/Video Edition
  • — Music Creation
  • — Motion
  • Applied Mathematics
  • — Hydraulics
  • — Pneumatics
  • — Electronics/Electrical
  • — Mechanics

It´s me

Do I know any computer language?

There are some computer languages that I already know, but learning a new one is not a big deal.


  • — C, C++, C#, Objective C
  • — Java
  • — Javascript/Webgl
  • — Html/CSS/PHP
  • — HLSL, GLSL
  • — Ruby
  • — Python
  • — Treejs
  • — Nodejs
  • — AngularJs
  • — Grunt/Gulp
  • — Arduino, Raspberry pi

And Softwares?

Ok, I can use softwares, not only develop.

  • — Unity
  • — Unreal
  • — Autodesk Maya/3Dstudio
  • — Adobe AEM
  • — Adobe Photoshop
  • — Adobe Illustrator
  • — Adobe Premiere/Apple Final Cut
  • — Adobe After Effects
  • — Ableton Live

It´s me

What I can do

Mostly anything related with technology. I love to work with anything that uses some kind of tech, old or new, and merge it with art. Well, I can also cook… ride a bicyicle, make gingerbread, drive a car, stay 50 seconds under the water, play videogames, make an animated bouncing ball, play the guitar, play drums, put on my own shoes.


I don’t think the platform is very important as I can virtually work with any tech. I believe the result is the most important thing. Still, here are some applications that I can work with:

  • — Games (PC/Mobile)
  • — Web/Mobile
  • — Applications
  • — Installations
  • — Softwares

Can I do more?

If it is related to technology, I’m in! I love to learn and solve problems. As I always say: if it is worth it, then challenge accepted.

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